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9 Benefits of Binahong Leaves for Health and Beauty

4. Prevent kidney disease

Besides being able to be a diabetes drug, binahong leaves have properties to help prevent kidney disease. Usually the body will produce creatinine as a waste product from activity in the muscles.

Excessive creatinine levels can lead to kidney disease. The kidneys work to maintain creatinine levels in the blood to be at normal levels.

When the kidneys are disturbed, creatinine levels will increase because the kidneys are unable to clear them. Consuming binahong leaf extract is also effective for improving kidney function, especially in conditions of chronic kidney failure.

The benefits of binahong leaves have been proven by several studies that show kidney cell improvement in people with kidney failure after administering binahong leaf extract.

5. Treating burns

The benefits of binahong leaves in treating burns are thought to come from their antibacterial properties. This antibacterial content is able to damage bacterial cell membranes so that bacteria that can cause infection in burns become lysis.

Not only is it effective in treating burns, other ingredients in binahong leaves for wounds are supporting to accelerate the healing of burns, starting to reduce inflammation, maintaining mucous membranes to reduce pain in burns.

6. Lowering uric acid

For those of you who have gout, you can take advantage of binahong leaves as an alternative. Binahong leaves contain flavonoids which play a role in reducing uric acid levels.

This has been through clinical trials on mice that have become experimental animals in the study.