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8 Health Benefits of Purut and How to Use it

1. Relieve stress

Both the leaves and the fruit, kaffir lime has a distinctive aroma that can make people more relaxed. Reporting from the page Uscitrus, Kaffir lime oil is usually used as aromatherapy to treat stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

You just need to smell the lime, either whole fruit or kaffir lime oil. You can also put it in the rest room. The aroma will make you more relaxed and relaxed.

2. Eliminate bad breath

Before toothpaste was invented, people in Southeast Asia chewed kaffir lime leaves to keep their mouths clean and fresh.

Reporting from Uscitrus, scientists in Thailand have created a herbal ingredient containing a mixture of kaffir lime and guava to get rid of bad breath. The mixture has been shown to be effective in reducing mouth.

You can chew kaffir lime leaves or drink kaffir lime juice to keep your mouth fresh.