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8 Benefits of Raspberries for Health, Help Lose Weight

8 Benefits of Raspberries for Health, Help Lose WeightRaspberry illustration. WTOP.com

Merdeka.com – Raspberry is a fruit from the berry family that has a very beautiful shape and color. Raspberries will easily melt in your mouth because of their sweet and creamy texture. Besides having a sweet and fresh taste, this fruit also has a myriad of health benefits.

Launching from Healthline, raspberries contain fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that play an important role in warding off various diseases. In addition, the many important nutrients in raspberries are also suitable as a diet menu.

There are various colors of raspberry variates, ranging from red, purple, black, or yellow. Even so, red raspberries are the most famous in Indonesia compared to others. Here are some of the health benefits of raspberries reported from Healthline:

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