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8 benefits of napping, one of which is good for heart health

Report from Grid.ID Journalist, Ragillita Desyaningrum

Grid.ID – Naps are often considered the cause of insomnia at night.

This may be true, but only when a person takes long naps, for example, hours.

In fact, the ideal nap does not require a long duration to bring its benefits.

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Sleep health expert at Mitra Keluarga Hospital, Dr. Andreas Prasdja, RPSGT, said that the recommended sleep duration is 15-20 minutes in the hours after lunch.

“The hours after lunch are good, around 13.00 or 14.00,” said Dr. Andreas, as reported by Kompas.com.

This short duration is not intended to pay sleep debt, but rather to increase productivity.

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According to Dr. Andreas, during sleep, brain ability, productivity, performance, and emotional stability will be built.

“Unfortunately, until now there has not been a single substance that can replace the estorative effect of sleep, even caffeine. Because caffeine is just for literacy, as if it is fresh, but a tired brain is not helping at all” said Dr. Andreas.

Now, if you have time, try taking a nap even if it’s only for fifteen minutes because napping can bring many benefits.

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Here are the benefits of a nap as quoted by Grid.ID from Bobo.id:

1. Helps prevent premature aging

Naps are considered to help rejuvenate the skin by producing growth hormone which can renew old cells.

2. Helps improve performance

A study found that naps can increase mental and physical activity.

If you are active in sports, naps can help restore and direct better athletic performance.

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3. Helps repair cells

The body will heal itself while we are sleeping during the day.

This produces protein that helps repair damage done to the body during the day such as stress and toxins.

Naps can also help produce hormones that help repair tissue and muscle damage.

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4. Improve memory

By napping, our overall brain function will improve.

Researchers believe naps are one way of turning short-term memories into long-term memories by clearing out the temporary storage areas of the brain to make room for new information.

5. Helps lose weight

Naps can affect the hormones responsible for their appetite and timing.

Now, when we are sleep deprived, this hormone can be damaged and make us eat more.

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6. Improve mood

Apart from being beneficial for physical health, naps can also help maintain a good mood.

Because naps can help someone cope with stress, frustration, and feelings of irritability.

7. Increase creativity

Naps are the time during which our brains process what we learned earlier.

If done with enough time, naps can be as beneficial as a night’s sleep, one of which can help get inspiration and be creative.

8. Reducing the risk of heart disease

Launching from Kompas.com, a study found that the risk of heart disease decreased in people who took naps.

In addition, based on observational research published in the BMJ Heart Journal in December 2019, even taking nap 1-2 times a week can benefit heart health.