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8 Benefits of garlic for the health of your body

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Crab garlic is used as a seasoning for cooking. In fact, garlic has many benefits for your health.

Who doesn’t know garlic. Yes, garlic is a tuber plant that is often used as a spice in the kitchen.

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Garlic is quite easy to find in traditional markets to modern shops.

Garlic is not only useful as a spice in the kitchen. Garlic is also useful as a herbal remedy that can kill many diseases.

Quoting from the book Gout Diseases Thanks to Herbs, by Ersi Herlina STP, in 100 grams of garlic contains:

  • 71 grams of water
  • Calories 122
  • 7 grams of protein
  • Fat 0.3 grams
  • 24.6 grams of carbohydrates
  • Calcium 42 mg
  • Phosphorus 109 mg
  • Iron 1.5 mg. and
  • Potassium 377 mg.

This content is what makes garlic effective as herbal medicine.

Benefits of garlic as an herbal medicine
Of all parts of the plant, the thick garlic tubers are used as herbal medicine.

Herbal treatment with garlic is not only famous in Indonesia but also in other countries such as Russia and Germany.

Garlic is used as a herbal medicine to treat wounds during world war.

Here are the benefits of garlic as an herbal medicine

1. Nosebleeds

Do you have frequent nosebleeds? Garlic can be the solution.

Quoting from a book entitled Efficacy & Benefits of Garlic: The King of Natural Antibiotics, by Iyam Siti Syamsiah, garlic can stop nosebleeds.

To feel the benefits, you just need to finely grind five cloves of garlic. Then you place it on the sole of the foot opposite the nostril that is bleeding.

2. Colds

The rainy season has arrived, the cold is one of the most common diseases to attack.

Launching from a book entitled Efficacy & Benefits of Herbal Honey, by dr. Adji Suranto, SpA, garlic mixed with honey is effective in treating colds.

To feel the benefits you just need to puree three to four cloves of garlic. You puree until smooth and then add 450 grams of honey gradually.

You consume one tablespoon of this white bawnag honey three times a day.

3. Uric acid

Gout is a common disease in the country. For those of you who are reluctant to take chemical drugs, garlic can be a solution to treating gout.

This is because white bawnag contains antioxidants that can control the production of purines in the body.

4. Lowering high blood pressure

White Bawnag contains potassium which is useful for controlling blood pressure in the body.

5. Whitish

Every woman must feel uncomfortable when experiencing vaginal discharge. Just so you know, the vaginal discharge is caused by a fungus.

To treat vaginal discharge with garlic is quite easy. You only need to eat raw white bawnag up to three cloves per day.

6. Dysentery

Garlic is also effective in treating dysentery. You only need to mash 10 cloves of peeled garlic. Then you soak the garlic mash in three glasses of warm water for six hours.

After that, you divide it into thirds and drink it three times a day.

7. Lowering cholesterol levels

Garlic contains alisin which is useful for shedding cholesterol and fat in the body.

Apart from being able to lower cholesterol, garlic can also lose weight.

8. Reducing the symptoms of diabetes mellitus

Garlic contains antioxidants which play a role in controlling blood sugar levels.

For those of you with diabetes mellitus, aka diabetes, garlic can reduce the symptoms of your disease.

To feel the benefits, you only need to eat raw garlic a maximum of three times a day.

How, are you interested in regularly consuming garlic?

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