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8 Benefits of Black Honey for Health, Anti-Allergy Drugs

1. Does Not Increase Blood Sugar

Research published in the “Journal Pharmaceutical Biology” reports that plants containing alkaloids exhibited antihyperglycemic activity when tested on mice with diabetes.

This means that black honey has good potential for consumption by people with high blood sugar levels.

The good news is, unlike most honey, black honey also has a lower sugar or glucose content. As a result, black honey is said to be safer for consumption by people with diabetes (diabetes).

However, for diabetics who want to experience the benefits of black honey, you should first consult a doctor. It is important to know the correct dosage. Thus, complications or unwanted reactions can be avoided.

2. Ward off Free Radicals and Prevent Chronic Disease

Apart from alkaloids, black honey is rich in phenolic acids and flavonoids. Phenolic acid compounds function as natural antioxidants, which can inhibit free radical activity in the body.

Due to its high content, phenolic acid in black honey can increase endurance, ward off cancer, prevent inflammation and narrowing of blood vessels.

Flavonoids also act as antioxidants that fight free radicals in the body. This means, anyone who consumes them regularly can reduce the risk of cancer and prevent heart disease, stroke and diabetes.