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7 Health benefits of gotu kola that are rarely known

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Gotu kola, a wild plant that is famous in the world of herbal medicine. Here are 7 benefits of gotu kola for body health.

Did You Know Gotu Kola?

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Gotu kola is a wild plant that is commonly found in yards, gutters and the edges of rice fields.

Gotu kola leaves are shaped like kidneys with serrated edges. Gotu kola flowers pink or white. Gotu kola flowers arranged like an umbrella.

Recently gotu kola is on the rise. Because, gotu kola has benefits for treating facial skin beauty.

In fact, gotu kola is also useful as an effective herbal remedy to kill many diseases.

Launching from a book entitled Efficacy & Benefits of Gotu Kola: Memory Enhancer Plants by Ir. WP. Winarto, Ir. Maria Surbakti, gotu kola contains potassium, sodium calcium, iron, tanning, pectin, vitamins B, C, essential oils, phosphorus, and brahmic acid.

In addition, gotu kola also has anti-toxic pharmacological effects, fever-reducing, anti-leprosy, antisyphilis, and diuretic alias pee laxative.

The content and pharmacological effects make gotu kola widely used as herbal medicine.

Benefits of gotu kola for health

Of all parts of gotu kola plant, almost all parts except for gotu kola root that can be used as herbal medicine.

Here are the benefits of gotu kola as a disease-fighting herbal remedy.

1. Cough dry

Do you often have a dry cough? Gotu kola can be a solution, if you are reluctant to take chemical drugs.

Gotu kola is believed to be effective in treating coughs because it contains anti-cough pharmacological effects.

To get the benefits, you just need to grind a handful of fresh gotu kola leaves. After that you add enough rock sugar water then squeeze and strain.

You drink gotu kola leaf juice three times a day.

2. Ulcers

Boils are not a dangerous disease but very disturbing. You must feel uncomfortable when you get boils.

Gotu kola is believed to be effective in treating ulcers. Making herbal remedies for boils from gotu kola is quite easy.

You boil 30 grams – 60 grams of fresh gotu kola leaves in three glasses of water. You boil the gotu kola leaves until they boil and leave about one glass of water.

You drink the boiled water twice a day.

3. Fever

Gotu kola is useful as a herbal remedy for fever. You grind gotu kola leaves until smooth. After that, you add a pinch of water and salt then squeeze and filter.

You drink gotu kola leaf juice on an empty stomach three times a day.

4. Whitish

Women must feel uncomfortable when suffering from vaginal discharge. Gotu kola leaves are effective for treating your vaginal discharge.

You boil 15 grams – 30 grams of fresh gotu kola leaves in three glasses of water. You boil the gotu kola leaves until they boil and leave 1 glass of water.

You strain and chill. Then, you drink boiled water of gotu kola 1/2 cup twice a day.

5. High blood pressure

Gotu kola contains potassium which is useful for controlling blood pressure in the body.

To feel the benefits, you boil 20 fresh gotu kola leaves with three glasses of water. You boil the gotu kola leaves until they boil and leave 3/4 of the water then strain and cool.

You divide the water gotu kola leaves evenly. You drink gotu kola leaf stew three times a day.

6. Hemorrhoids

Making herbal remedies for hemorrhoids from gotu kola leaves is quite easy. You boil 50 grams of gotu kola leaves in two glasses of water for 15 minutes.

After cold you drink gotu kola leaves boiled. You can drink gotu kola boiled water until healed.

7. Improve memory

Launch from Kompas.com, gotu kola leaves contain triterpenoida glycosides and several other minerals that have been shown to be able to increase endurance and memory.

You can buy gotu kola leaves at herbal drugstores. Another option, you can grow gotu kola leaves at home.

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