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7 Benefits of Warm Soaking for Health and Beauty

Bola.com, Jakarta – Bathing or soaking in warm water is very pleasant and beneficial for the body. One in between the benefits of a warm bath is able to release fatigue and fatigue and improve mood.

In fact, soaking in warm water has become a simple habit for Japanese people. About 80 percent of Japanese people used to soak in hot water for long periods.

Shinya Hayasaka, medical doctor and professor at Tokyo City University Coverage6, said that taking a hot bath can make the arteries relax and expand, and improve circulation.

“Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to all the cells in your body – as many as 37 trillion, according to some estimates – and carries carbon dioxide and other waste products,” says Hayasaka.

“This drive to circulation is responsible for the restorative feeling you get when you soak in the tub, as if the buildup of day’s fatigue were floating on a cloud of steam,” he continues.

“Heat relieves pain, and warms the body reducing nerve sensitivity, which can reduce back pain, stiff shoulders, and a variety of other aches and pains. Heat also softens the collagen-rich ligaments that surround joints, making them more supple and reducing joint pain,” Hayasaka explained.

Well, the following the benefits of a warm bath for health and body beauty, quoted from klikdokter, Tuesday (9/2/2021).