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7 benefits of drinking water after waking that you should know

KONTAN.CO.ID – Numerous studies have shown that drinking water after waking up provides various benefits for the body.

This habit will restore health in several organs such as the eyes and female reproductive organs.

At least, after waking up you can drink four glasses or about 640 ml of water.

So, what are the benefits of drinking water after waking up?

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The benefits of drinking water after waking up

Summarized from the Ministry of Health’s website, here are the various benefits of drinking water after waking up:

  1. Detoxify the body faster. Night is the best time for the body to remove toxins. Meanwhile, the water that you drink after waking up will help cleanse the remaining toxins. In addition, the production of new blood cells and muscle cells will also increase.
  2. Helps the body’s metabolism. Drinking water on an empty stomach actually increases the body’s metabolic process by 24%. This benefit will help those of you who are on a diet or restore the health of the digestive system that is in trouble.
  3. Lose weight. Optimal release of toxins will indirectly improve the condition of the digestive system. That way, you will not feel hungry quickly and prevent excessive food consumption.
  4. Improve the performance of the digestive system. You can reduce the risk of digestive system problems by drinking water regularly, especially for ulcer sufferers.
  5. Healthy skin and hair. Dry skin due to dehydration will quickly resolve by drinking water after waking up in the morning. Another part of the body that will benefit from this healthy habit is the hair which reduces the risk of brittleness.
  6. Prevention of bladder infections and kidney stones. Adequate water intake will dilute the acid content that usually triggers kidney stones. The chances of chronic diseases such as bladder infections are reduced if you drink water regularly.
  7. Strengthens endurance. Drinking water when your stomach is still empty can stabilize the lymphatic system which affects the level of immunity. A good immune system will certainly protect you from various serious diseases.