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7 Benefits of Afternoon Jogging for Health, Can Improve Sleep Quality

7 Benefits of Afternoon Jogging for Health, Can Improve Sleep QualityRunning illustration. Shutterstock / Antonio Guillem

Merdeka.com – Jogging is a type of exercise that is easy and practical to do. It is enough to wear comfortable shoes for running, you can do this exercise regularly. So this can be a practical and affordable sports training recommendation that anyone can do.

If you want to build healthy habits, jogging can be a choice of exercise that can be done daily. It is enough to take a few minutes to do a jogging exercise every day. In this case, you can do jogging in the morning or evening as needed.

Both jogging in the morning and evening have their respective advantages. If you are a busy person in the morning and only have the afternoon to exercise, there’s no need to worry. There are several kinds of health benefits of jogging that you can get.

Doing jogging exercises in the afternoon is considered to be a more practical and effective way. Because, usually people have more free time in the afternoon, after all work activities have been done. Not only that, the benefits of jogging in the afternoon are also known to improve the quality of sleep better. Of course this is very good to do for people who have sleep disorders.

Reporting from the Night Tech Gear website, here we summarize some of the health benefits of jogging that you need to know.

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