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6 Benefits of Vitamin A for Health, Maintaining Eye and Bone Health

5. Maintain Eye Health

Vitamin A is needed by the eye, to convert the light that enters the eye into a signal in the form of electricity that is sent to the brain.

Some of the characteristics of vitamin A deficiency are night blindness, a condition in which the eyes cannot see clearly or what is commonly known as nyctalopia.

Night blindness often occurs in most people who lack vitamin A intake, because vitamin A is the main component of the pigment rhodopsin. Rhodopsin is found in the retina of the eye and is very sensitive to light.

In addition to reducing the risk of night blindness, eating foods that contain vitamin A can help prevent the risk of reduced vision, which is usually experienced by the elderly.

Consume a variety of foods and supplements that contain vitamin A regularly, in order to help maintain the overall health of your eyes.

6. Maintaining Reproductive Health

Vitamin A is essential for maintaining a healthy reproductive system in both men and women, as well as ensuring the normal growth and development of the embryo during pregnancy.

Research conducted by several scientists examined the importance of vitamin A in male reproduction, showing that vitamin A deficiency inhibits sperm cell development, leading to infertility.

In pregnant women, vitamin A is also involved in the growth and development of many of the main organs and structures of the unborn baby, including the skeleton, nervous system, heart, kidneys, eyes, lungs, and pancreas.

Source: Healthline

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