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6 Benefits of Goji Berry for Healthy Children

Have you ever heard of or maybe consumed goji berries? This one fruit is a type of berry that can be recognized by its small size and orange color.

In China, this fruit is believed to be very useful for dealing with various kinds of health problems. In fact, he said it can prolong life, you know.

When it comes to health benefits, there is no doubt that these berries are one of the healthiest fruits. How could this fruit not contain various substances needed by the body, from complex carbohydrates, a number of vitamins, to antioxidants.

It doesn’t stop there, there are still other benefits of this one fruit.

Following Popmama.com has summarized the benefits of goji berries for mama’s child!

1. Increase the body’s immune system

1. Increase the body's immune system

Pexels / Alex Green

We all know that vitamin C is a useful substance for boosting the body’s immune system. It turns out that fruits that are rich in vitamin C are not just oranges, goji berries are another fruit.

Goji berries are known to have high vitamin C content, even more than oranges. The vitamin C in these berries helps protect the child’s body from harmful viral and bacterial infections.

Especially if children often spend a lot of time playing outside the house.

2. Helps improve children’s vision

2. Helps improve children's vision


Mama’s children often play and learn to use their gadgets, whether it’s cellphones or laptops. The habit of lingering in front of the screen can damage the eye health of a child and make it potentially nearsighted. Wow, it’s dangerous!

For that, mama can give your little one food that helps improve his vision, such as goji berries. These berries contain vitamin A which is good for your little one’s eyes.

Beta-carotene and zeaxanthin in goji berries also help the retina of the eye absorb blue light emitted by electronic equipment also acts as a good antioxidant.

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3. Increase energy in the body

3. Increase energy in the body

Freepik / Senivpetro

Every child dreams of having a body full of energy. It will help them to do their activities, play and learn to the fullest.

Launching from healthyy.net, goji berries turn out to be a food energy supplier. Consuming goji berries helps children meet their body’s energy needs. Not only that, this fruit also helps strengthen bones and bones, also improves circulation.

4. Good source of antioxidants

4. Good source of antioxidants

Freepik / User17067123

Goji berries are not only beneficial for eye health and improve children’s body systems. Goji berries are also a good source of antioxidants.

Goji berries contain antioxidants, particularly polyphenols and carotenoids. Polyphenols play an important role in preventing cardiovascular disease, various degenerative diseases, as well as cancer. Meanwhile, carotenoids play a role in dissolving fat which can lead to obesity.

These two antioxidants coupled with other ingredients in goji berries make this one fruit have various benefits that are good for children’s health.

5. Anti microbacterial

5. Anti microbacterial

Freepik / Cookie-studio

Goji berries are known to have anti-microbial properties. Some studies suggest that goji berries can increase immunity to bacteria that have developed and cannot be treated with standard medication.

The same research also shows that goji berry extract can be used topically to reduce bacterial infection of wounds, from outside and inside.

The anti-microbacterial properties in goji berries can also strengthen the intestinal tract, bladder and respiration, and even improve the health of skin, teeth and hair.

6. Healthy liver

6. Healthy liver


The liver or liver is one of the important organs in the body. Just try it, without this organ you don’t have a natural poison neutralizer. Not only that, the liver also has a big role in regulating hormones, cleansing the blood, and also stores protein.

Given the important role of the heart, it’s a good idea to keep your little one’s liver healthy by giving it goji berries.

This fruit turns out to act as a liver protector. Some studies reveal that goji berries have such liver protective substances cerebrosides and pyroles which can provide protection from dangerous chemical compounds.

The following is information about the benefits of goji berries for children. You can try to start giving these goji berries to children. The method is quite simple, you can serve this together with yogurt, oatmeal, or cereal. Guaranteed your little one will love it!

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