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6 Benefits of celery as an herbal remedy for coughing up gout

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Celery is often used as a food topping. In fact, celery is useful as an herbal remedy for a number of diseases.

Celery, a vegetable that is quite popular in Indonesia. Celery is green with serrated leaves.

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Indonesian people usually use celery as a topping for several food menus such as soup. Celery has a distinctive aroma that makes food a must and tastier.

Apart from being a cooking ingredient, celery is also useful as herbal medicine, aka natural medicine.

Launching from a book entitled Overcome Gout & Rheumatism a la Hembing, celery contains flavonoids, koumarin, furanokoumarin, isokuersetin, umbiliferone, essential oils, asparagine, and selenium.

In addition, celery has antiseptic, antispasmodic, diuretic, hypotensive and antirheumatic pharmacological effects.

These contents and effects make celery considered effective in treating several types of diseases.

Benefits of celery as an herbal medicine

Recently, herbal medicine is being favored by some people in the country. Because herbal medicines are considered to have minimal side effects and are safe for consumption.

Who would have thought celery was also useful as an herbal medicine. From all parts of the celery plant, celery stems, seeds, and roots can be used as herbal medicine.

Here are the benefits of celery as a disease-fighting herbal remedy.

1. Detoxification

Celery seeds are useful for helping the body neutralize toxins and stimulate blood circulation to muscles and joints.

2. High blood pressure

Celery has pharmacological properties of lowering blood pressure. That is, celery is good for consumption by people with high blood pressure.

To get the benefits you just need to boil 30 grams – 60 grams of celery root until it boils. After cold you drink the celery root boiled water.

Alternatively, you can drink celery leaf and stem juice to lower blood pressure.

3. Smooth digestion

Launching from Kompas.com celery contains high fiber which is good for maintaining the health of your body’s digestive system.

In addition, celery also makes the stomach feel fuller for longer.

4. Uric acid

Celery seeds are useful for helping the kidneys to remove excess uric acid in the body.

5. Cough

Quoting from a book entitled Utilizing Vegetable Plants to Overcome Various Diseases by WP Winarto, Lentera, Agromedia, celery contains vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, sulfur and sodium.

The content of these substances is what makes celery believed to be able to treat several diseases, one of which is cough.

Here’s how to make celery herbal concoctions for cough medicines that are quoted from a book entitled Healthy Naturally with Herbs: 250 Medicinal Plants by Gagas Ulung, the Study Center.


  • Fresh celery
  • 3 glasses of water
  • Honey

You wash and chop the celery leaves and stalks. After that, you boil the celery until it boils then strain it.

After the celery water is cold, add enough honey and drink it. You drink the celery boiled water twice in the morning and evening.

6. Cholesterol

Quoting from a book entitled Cholesterol-Lowering Herbal Potion, by Prof. H. Hembing W, celery contains essential oils, flavonoids, koumarin, furanokoumarin, isokuercetin, saponins, asparagine, apialkali, tyrosine, glutamine, pentosan, and manit.

This content makes celery considered effective in reducing cholesterol levels in the body.

To feel the benefits, you can make your own celery herbal concoction at home, the following ingredients and methods are quoted from the book entitled Natural Health with Herbs: 250 Medicinal Plants by Gagas Ulung, Study Center.


  • Celery root 30 grams
  • 2 glasses of water

You wash the celery roots thoroughly then boil them until they boil and leave one glass of water.

After the celery root water is cold, you strain it and drink it at once.

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