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6 Benefits of Candlenut Oil for the Face and How to Use It

Eliminate Wrinkles on the Face

The benefits of hazelnut oil for the face can be used as a treatment to remove wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. In addition, this oil is rich in antioxidants that can increase collagen production and help replace dead skin cells.

A cup of hazelnut oil contains about 85 percent of vitamin E. Candlenut oil also contains vitamins A, C, and K. These vitamins work together to keep skin youthful, preventing the formation of wrinkles and wrinkles. The early development of fine lines on the eyebrows or on the face is well resolved, thus slowing down the skin aging process.

Moisturizes Skin

The next benefit of hazelnut oil for the face is to moisturize the skin. This is obtained thanks to the hazelnut which contains antioxidants, which can make the skin softer. This oil can also be absorbed quickly into the skin perfectly.

The content of antioxidants and stearic acid in hazelnut oil can keep the skin moist. In addition, the content of vitamins A, C, E, and F (omega-6) in hazelnut can nourish the skin to keep it hydrated and avoid dryness.