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5 Less known benefits of hugging your partner often

KONTAN.CO.ID – You may hear the term a lot cuddling. Hug or cuddling has many benefits for the body and mentally.

Hugging can be done with your partner, friends, and beloved children. Cuddling it is very useful for you and your partner

According to Carla Marie Manly, PhD, a clinical psychologist through Well and Good, as a child we learn that hugging makes us feel loved and safe.

By hugging we feel more loved by our partner, without even being shown in words. Apart from feeling loved, hugging also makes us feel comfortable and healthier.

There are various positions cuddle that you can try with your partner. You can do this while lying on the bed or sitting on the sofa together.

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Then, what are the benefits of hugging? Here are 5 benefits cuddling compiled by KONTAN.co.id from Well and Good and Healthline:

  • Reduces stress and pain

When you hug, try to make your effort to caress and pat your partner’s back too. This simple movement can reduce stress levels in a person. The pain can also be relieved by hugging.

Serotonin and dopamine are released when you hug and pat your body lightly. These two neurotransmitters are believed to increase feelings of happiness and comfort.

  • Increase sexual satisfaction

Cuddling after sex can increase your sexual satisfaction and your partner. Of course, this can make your sex life better.

This method also keeps the oxytocin hormone awake. The effect will affect the bond you and your partner are getting closer to.

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