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5 hidden benefits of Ciplukan fruit for beauty

Bola.com, Jakarta – Recently ciplukan fruit or ceplukan or morel berry is on the rise. Ciplukan are classified as the fruit of wild plants that usually live in house yards, dry fields, and forests.

This fruit has many local names, such as cecendet in Sundanese, keceplokan in Bali, and lazy in Minahasa.

Ciplukan fruit is quite unique. This fruit is rounded and covered with leaves. When ripe, the color of the fruit becomes yellowish green. The taste is sweet with a little sourness.

Even though it has been sold in shopping centers and through the online system, the benefits of this fruit are still not widely known. In fact, ciplukan have benefits for health and beauty that cannot be underestimated.

The fruit, called Latin Physalis angulata L., contains chlorogenic acid, citric acid and fissaline compounds. This fruit also contains nutrients such as malic acid, alkaloids, tannins, kriptoxantin, vitamin C and sugar, and elaidic acid.

Besides being consumed directly, ciplukan fruit can be mashed and used as an external medicine to cure skin diseases such as boils, ulcers, and skin inflammation.

Apart from that, there are several other benefits from ciplukan fruit, especially for beauty.

The following is a summary of the benefits ciplukan fruit for beauty, as adapted from Coverage6, Friday (15/1/2021).