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5 health benefits of lemon tea, can lose weight!


Not only black or green tea that is consumed a lot, lemon tea or tea lemon also widely consumed because of its 5 health benefits. What are the benefits?

Lemon tea or lemon tea is one type of healthy herbal tea. It can be made from green or black tea mixed with squeezed lemon juice and slices of real lemon.

Apart from the distinctive taste of tea, there is also a sour sensation from the lemon. So that the taste is not too sour, usually a natural sweetener is added, namely honey.

Reporting from Pink Villa (17/1), it turns out that lemon tea has a variety of healthy benefits. This sour tea blend can help you lose weight so it is good for digestive health.

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Here are 5 healthy benefits lemon tea:

1. Lose Weight

the health benefits of lemon teathe health benefits of lemon tea Photo: iStock

One of the benefits of lemon tea is that it can help with weight loss efforts. So, lemon tea is good for those who are dieting.

Lemon tea works to get rid of stubborn fat. How it works by removing toxins from the body and increasing metabolism. So that it can accelerate the process of metabolizing food into energy.

2. Digestive Health

Lemon tea is also good for the digestive health of our body. Drinking lemon tea regularly can play an active role in improving digestive health.

Lemon contains citric acid. This content produces enzymes that can help digestion and stimulate the liver.

3. Controlling Blood Sugar

the health benefits of lemon teathe health benefits of lemon tea Photo: iStock

Diabetics are asked to pay attention to their diet. They are prohibited from consuming foods that are high in sugar because it will cause sugar levels to soar.

One of the best drinks for diabetics is lemon tea, of course, unsweetened. Lemon fruit has the ability to change enzymes that affect blood sugar levels.

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