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5 Benefits of temu ireng as a herbal remedy for rheumatism to hemorrhoids

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Temu ireng, known for its bitter taste but rich in benefits. This is the benefit of meeting ireng for the health of your body.

Fans of traditional herbal medicine must be familiar with meeting ireng. Yes, temu ireng is an empon-empon which is often used as raw material for making herbal medicine.

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As information, temu ireng has blue or gray rhizomes. The rhizome of temu ireng has many branches and has a bitter taste.

Temu ireng is often found in gardens or yards. Understandably, temu ireng is one of the Family Medicinal Plants (TOGA).

As raw material for traditional herbal medicine, temu ireng contains antioxidants and essential oils.

Launching from a book entitled Food Material Science by Yosfi Rahmi, Titis Sari Kusuma, temu ireng contains falvonoids, saponins, curcuminoids, alkaloids, and essential oils.

This content makes Temu Ireng widely used as herbal medicine.

Benefits of meeting ireng for health

From all parts of the plant, the kerab temu ireng rhizome is used as herbal medicine.

For those of you who have never tried it, don’t be surprised to find ireng bitter. This is the benefit of meeting ireng for the health of your body.

1. Hemorrhoid

Are you a hemorrhoid sufferer? Temu ireng can treat the disease you are suffering from.

Launching from a book entitled Medicinal Plants & Their Benefits 3, making herbal remedies for hemorrhoids from Temu Ireng is quite easy.

You peel and grate 15 grams of temu ireng. After that, you brew the grated temu ireng with a cup of hot water.

Once cool, you strain and add chicken egg yolk and 2 tablespoons of honey. You mix well then drink at once after waking up.

2. Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea does not only affect men but also women. Gonorrhea is caused by the bacteria Neisseria Gonorrhoeae.

Gonorrhea is contagious and must be treated immediately. If not, gonorrhea can trigger infertilization, aka infertility.

Temu ireng is believed to be effective in treating gonorrhea. To get the benefits, you crush 10 grams of temu ireng, 30 grams of gotu kola leaves, 5 grams of gadung tubers.

Once smooth, you pour it with 3 cups of hot water then strain it. You drink these herbs 3 times a day.

3. Neutralizing toxins

Temu ireng is also useful for neutralizing toxins in the body. You grate 20 grams of temu ireng.

Next, you boil the grated temu ireng with takokak leaves and 3 glasses of water. You boil until it boils until you have half the water left.

You strain and drink while warm.

4. Smooth menstruation

Some women must have menstruation that is not smooth. Lemongrass is believed to be able to smooth menstruation.

You boil 10 grams – 30 grams of fresh temu ireng until boiling. After that you drink boiled water of meeting ireng while warm.

5. Rheumatism

Temu ireng is an analgesic or pain reliever. In addition, temu ireng also contains antioxidants that are useful for relieving rheumatism.

To get the benefits, you only need to boil 10 grams -30 grams of meeting ireng until it boils. After that, you drink boiled water of meeting ireng while it’s warm.

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