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5 Benefits of learning a foreign language are important to know about students

KONTAN.CO.ID – There are many benefits to be had from learning a foreign language. Foreign language skills can help students to easily compete in the world of work later.

Foreign languages, especially English, have been introduced since kindergarten. English materials will continue to be given even in universities.

Learning another language doesn’t mean you don’t love Indonesian. By being fluent in foreign languages, you can actually introduce the nation’s culture more easily in the international arena.

What are the benefits? Here are five benefits you can get from learning a foreign language. This list is summarized by KONTAN.co.id from Telegraph and We Economic Forum.

Speaking in foreign languages ​​will improve brain function.

The brain will be challenged to recognize, digest, and communicate other language structures.

This ability can also increase solving probelm skills. Students who can speak foreign languages ​​tend to be smart and have good grades.

Based on research from Pennsylvania State University, a multi-lingual person, adept at switching from one language system to another.

This ability got their brains accustomed to multi tasking. They tend to be able to adapt to two different systems at one time.

  • Prevent diseases that attack the brain

Learning a foreign language improves brain performance. The brain will maintain its health and abilities.

As a result, multilingual people rarely develop Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.