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5 Benefits of Face Acupressure Treatment for Body Health and Beauty

Face acupressure is a method of beauty treatment that is done by massage therapy on the face area and using special techniques. Face acupressure is a combination therapy of two methods, namely acupressure (massage / pressing) and bio energy or internal energy that is directly channeled to the face, so that the benefits can be felt immediately.

This facial care method is favored by many women because of the nutritious treatment results directly on the skin. Totok or acupressure is often referred to as acupuncture without using a needle. Totok involves pressing certain points on the body using the tips of your fingers or a special tool. Some of these pressure points are scattered on the face.

However, keep in mind, to get the maximum benefit, make sure you do face acupressure treatments at a clinic or beauty salon with a therapist who is an expert in their field. Face acupressure requires certain skills and cannot be done by just anyone.

Now, to find out more about the benefits, Fimela.com will review 5 benefits of face acupressure for skin health and beauty. Reporting from Liputan6.com, see the full review below.