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5 benefits of eating boiled eggs for body health, one of which is able to nourish the eyes

JEMBER PORTAL – Eggs are a source of protein which is often referred to as a super food. That’s because these foods have many benefits for the body ranging from providing energy to losing weight.

Eating boiled eggs has more health benefits, compared to fried eggs. The way eggs are processed offers different health benefits to the body.

Boiling is one way to get optimal egg benefits. Boiled eggs are the result of ripening that are not contaminated with other harmful substances, such as oil when processing eggs by frying them.

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Quoted Jember Portal from various sources, here are 4 benefits of consuming boiled eggs, namely:

1. Increase metabolism

The first benefit of boiled eggs is to increase metabolism. The content in boiled eggs can help the digestion of fat and prevent fat accumulation in the body.

2. Has low calories so it is good to be consumed while on a diet

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