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5 Benefits of Duan Miana for Children

Mama may be familiar with a plant called Miana. Yes, plants with beautiful and attractive colorful leaves are widely cultivated as ornamental plants.

However, it does not only function as an addition to the beauty of the house. In fact, these miana leaves have extraordinary benefits for curing various health problems in the child’s body, Ma.

For example, it can help reduce fever, treat boils, to relieve cough symptoms.

Following Popmama.com summarizes the benefits of miana leaves for children that need to be known.

1. Reducing fever in children

1. Reducing children's fever

Pixabay / Victoria_Borodinova

Fever is a health problem that is quite common in children. Even though the fever is normal because it is the child’s body’s response to fighting a viral infection, parents need to be swift in overcoming it. This is because children with fever usually feel uncomfortable in their activities.

You don’t have to take drugs, you might be able to use natural ingredients to treat fever. One of them is by giving a mixture of miana leaves.

The way to make it is quite easy, Ma. You only need to boil a few leaves along with the miana leaf stems with 3 cups of water. Let it boil and reduce to about 2 cups.

After the cold boiled water, direct the child to drink only half a glass so that his body temperature returns to normal.

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2. Treating your little one’s boils

2. Treating your little one's boils

Pixabay / Vagner-Xaruto

Ulcers in children are generally caused by a bacterial infection on the skin. Although at first it is just a small, ordinary lump, but the boil can enlarge to cause pain that interferes with the child’s comfort.

If that is the case, you should immediately treat the boil so that the child can move back calmly. In overcoming this, Mama might be able to take advantage of miana leaves.

The trick, take 1 or 2 miana leaves. Wash the miana leaves thoroughly and pat dry. After that, heat the miana leaves carefully over the heat, but don’t burn them. Paste or compress the miana leaves on the boil when it is warm.

3. Relieves cough symptoms

3. Relieves cough symptoms

Pexels / Gustavo Fring

Mama may think of coughs as a normal health problem so they are often ignored. With the hope, the cough will heal itself.

In fact, coughing can make children feel uncomfortable. This is because coughing can affect breathing, change voice, sore throat, and interfere with the child’s eating and drinking activities.

One natural way that might be tried to relieve cough symptoms in children is using miana leaves. Mama can boil a few miana leaves and give them for your little one to drink. Miana leaf herbal ingredients can help remove phlegm when a child coughs.

4. Overcoming digestive problems

4. Overcoming digestive problems

Pixabay / mohamed_hassan

When the child feels stomach pain due to digestive problems, Mama may be able to give a mixture of miana leaves for consumption.

The method is quite easy, you only need a few washed miana leaves. Then, boil it with water until it boils.

Let the children drink the boiled water of miana leaves regularly until their digestion improves.

5. Relieves red eyes

5. Relieves red eyes

Pixabay / agnesliinnea

You don’t have to use eye drops, children who experience red eyes can be treated with traditional medicine, you know. You may be able to use miana leaves as a red eye reliever due to irritation in children.

Take a few miana leaves and wash them thoroughly. Apply the wet duan miana to the red eye.

Those are some of the benefits of miana leaves that can be used to treat children’s health problems. However, you should still be careful when using miana leaves because they can cause allergies, Ma.

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