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5 Benefits of Creative Economy for Indonesian People and Characteristics


The Indonesian government is encouraging the creative economy as a revenue generator. In fact, there are three sectors that contribute major exports to the Indonesian economy, namely culinary, fashion and crafts (crafts).

This was conveyed by the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy at that time Wishnutama at the soft lauching event for Indonesian Creative Work 2020, Friday (28/8/2020). According to him, the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) noted that in 2017 the three sectors contributed billions of foreign exchange for Indonesia.

“According to BPS data released by Bekraf, the 3 biggest contributors to Indonesia’s creative economy GDP in 2017 were the fashion sub-sector as much as 41.4%, then culinary 17.6% and almost 15% craft. These three sub-sectors are also contributors to Indonesia’s exports. The top first is fashion at US $ 11,964 million, then crafts as much as US $ 6,000 million (6 billion), only culinary at US $ 1,300 million (1.3 billion), “he said.

So, what are the real benefits of the creative economy for the Indonesian people?

Creative Economy is quoted from ‘CREATIVE ECONOMY BASED ON LOCAL AWARENESS’ by Dr. Sopanah, SE, M.Sc., Ak. CA., CMA., Et al:

  • Understanding Creative Economy

In general, creative economy is an economic concept in the new economic era which intensifies information and creativity, by putting forward ideas and various knowledge from human resources themselves.

Then, according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the creative economy is an economic concept that develops based on creative assets that have the potential to generate economic growth and development.

The Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia (2008) itself formulates the creative economy as an effort to develop the economy in a sustainable manner through renewable resource reserves.

Thus, the notion of a creative economy is a concept that puts forward creativity, ideas, and human knowledge as the main asset in driving the economy in a country and ultimately going global.

Industry from the creative economy is expected to help the growth of the Indonesian economy. In addition, there are benefits that can be obtained from this field, namely

-Open new jobs for the people of Indonesia
-Reducing unemployment growth
-Creating a creative and innovative Indonesian society
– Healthier business activity competition
-Increasing the innovation of creative economy actors in various sectors

  • Characteristics of the Creative Economy

The creative economy can be seen from the various characteristics below

-Intellectual creation

With the existence of intellectual creations, it will make an item have a high selling value. Therefore, both creativity and skills and talents need to be improved as much as possible.

-Easy to replace

Every product has a life cycle. So that creativity and innovation must continue to be developed in order to easily create new products that follow the development of economic activity and can be accepted by the market.

-Direct and indirect provision

Direct and indirect provision is needed when the goods are going to be marketed to consumers. That is, it can be marketed directly or indirectly to customers.

-Need cooperation

The creation of creative economic benefits requires cooperation between the parties concerned, for example between entrepreneurs and the government that regulates policies.

-Based on ideas

Ideas are the main thing needed in the development of the creative industry. That way, there are many new products that are created based on new ideas.


The product of the creative economy must be unlimited. In fact, the product is expected to be used in various business fields in the country.

Happy learning the benefits of the creative economy!

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