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5 Benefits of brotowali as a herbal remedy for fever to gonorrhea

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Brotowali is quite popular in the world of herbal medicine. Has a bitter taste, this is the benefit of Brotowali as an herbal medicine.

Are you a fan of traditional herbal medicine? You must be familiar with Brotowali.

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Yes, brotowali kerab is used as a medicinal ingredient.

For those of you who don’t know, brotowali is a creeper that is commonly found in gardens and home yards.

Brotowali has heart-shaped leaves with sharp tips. Brotowali leaves are green with a length of 10-12 cm.

Launching from a book entitled Atlas of Indonesian Medicinal Plants: Uncovering the Wealth of Indonesian Medicinal Plants Volume 5 by Setiawan Dalimartha, brotowali contains soft resin, starch, picroretosid glycosides, palmitin, alkaloid berberine.

In addition, brotowali has analgesic and antipyretic pharmacological effects, aka fever relief.

This is what makes Brotowali believed to be effective in treating a number of diseases.

Benefits of brotowali as herbal medicine

From all parts of the Brotowali plant, the leaves and stems of the brotowali are often used as herbal medicine.

Here are the benefits of Brotowali as a herbal medicine that you should know.

1. Fever

Brotowali has a fever-relieving pharmacological effect. To get the benefits, you boil two thinly cut brotowali sticks with two glasses of water.

You boil the brotowali stems until they boil and leave one glass of water aside. After it cools, you divide the brotowali stalk boiled water into two equal parts.

After that you drink boiled water brotowali twice a day.

2. Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes, aka diabetes mellitus, is a common disease in the community. Brotowali is believed to be effective in treating diabetes.

To feel the benefits, you boil 1/2 finger of the brotowali stem, 7 leaves of sambiloto, meniran, a handful of ciplukan leaves and stems with three glasses of water.

You boil all the ingredients until they boil and leave one glass of water. Once cold you drink 1/2 cup of brotowali boiled water twice a day.

3. Gonorrhea

Are you suffering from gonorrhea? Brotowali can treat your disease.

To feel the benefits you boil 300 grams of brotowali root with 2 liters of water. You boil until boiling and leave 1.2 liters of water.

You can add rock sugar to taste and drink it three times a day.

4. Scabies

Brotowali is believed to be able to treat scabies. You just need to shower with brotowali boiled water to treat these skin diseases.

5. Rheumatism

Brotowali has analgesic properties, aka pain relievers. This is what makes Brotowali widely used as a rheumatic drug.

You boil 1 finger sticks of dried brotowali that have been cut into thin strips with three glasses of water.

You boil it until it boils and save half of the water. You filter and add honey to taste. You drink these herbs three times a day.

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