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5 Benefits of Anchovy

Anchovies are one type of the fish family anchovies. The size is classified as mini, only ranging from 2-4 cm, but anchovies have unique taste characteristics. The most famous among the mothers are Teri Medan (small white color similar to rice) and Teri Jengki Medan (larger, 3-4 cm long). Anchovies should deserve to be included in the superfood category, because they have so many health benefits and can be consumed by babies and parents alike.

Anchovies are often processed by drying and salting. Even though it is high in salt content, this salted anchovies are quite widely consumed by Indonesian families. This is what you need to be aware of. Excessive salt consumption is strongly discouraged, especially for children and people suffering from certain diseases, such as heart failure and hypertension.

It is best to buy fresh and fresh anchovies. Usually the color is brownish yellow and dry. But if you can only find anchovies, which are milky white and wet, that’s fine too. Simply soak the anchovy in boiled water for a few hours until the salt content decreases or disappears. Then, don’t add salt to dishes that use this salted anchovies anymore.