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4 Benefits of Walking Every Day According to Experts

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According to leading experts, walking is the best way to maintain weight.

JAKARTA – Contrary to fan belief the gym, walking is a form of exercise and maintaining health. According to leading experts, walking is the best way to maintain weight. The Mayo Clinic says walking can help prevent or manage a variety of conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and type-2 diabetes.

One interesting study published in the journal Scientific Reports found that the side effects of walking included increased creativity and happiness. If walking exercise is a weight loss option, how much do you need to walk each day to burn fat?

According to the most recent US Department of Health and Human Services guidelines, the recommendation for any form of moderate exercise each week is 150 to 300 minutes. To achieve that goal, you need to walk at least 30 minutes during the five days of the week.

However, Nike coach and creator of the Ash Fit on Demand app Ash Wilking says the key to burning more fat while walking is walking longer. “Having time to access energy from fat, longer walking exercises will be considered to burn more fat,” he said Eat This, Not That, Tuesday (9/2).

The president and chief science officer of the American Council on Exercise, Cedric Bryant agreed with the statement. Recently, he suggested someone should try to walk 45 minutes to an hour. This time does not have to be done once. He said the time could be divided several times a day.

Source: Republika