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4 Benefits of star fruit infused water for health when drunk regularly

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Star fruit is believed to be able to reduce high blood pressure. These are the benefits of star fruit infused water for health when drunk regularly.

About 65% of the human body consists of water. Just so you know, water has an important role in the formation of various body fluids.

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In addition, the body needs water for the digestive process, regulates body temperature, carries nutrients to body cells, and others.

Therefore you should drink about 8 glasses of water per day. If you are tired of drinking water, you can mix the fruits in the water to make it taste fresher and more enjoyable.

One of the fruits that you can mix with water is star fruit. These drinks are often referred to as infused water star fruit.

Star fruit is quite easy to find in traditional markets to modern markets. The price of star fruit is quite affordable.

Launching a book entitled Favorite Variations of Infused Water with Effective Benefits to Overcome Hypertension, Diabetes, Cancer, & Kidney Disorders by Desty Ervira Puspaningtyas, S.Gz., Yunita Indah Prasetyaningsrum, S.Gz, star fruit contains vitamin A and vitamin C.

In addition, star fruit also contains pectin, potassium, magnesium, fiber, and is low in sodium.

Benefits infused water star fruit

Infused water so a solution for those of you who often feel bored drinking water.

Infused water Star fruit provides many health benefits when drunk regularly.

Here are the benefits infused water star fruit for your health.

1. High blood pressure

You suffer from high blood pressure? Star fruit infused water is good for you to drink. This is because the potassium content in star fruit plays a role in lowering blood pressure.

Not only that, potassium also improves oxygen flow to the brain.

2. Cholesterol

You must be vigilant when cholesterol levels in the body are high. Because, if cholesterol is allowed to lead to disease complications.

Infused water star fruit can lower cholesterol in the body. This is because star fruit contains pectin which can bind cholesterol and excrete it through feces.

3. Increase endurance

Star fruit infused water contains vitamins A and C which are useful for increasing endurance. In addition, these contents can also ward off free radicals.

4. Thrush

The content of vitamin C in star fruit infused water can treat and prevent thrush.

You become interested in drinking infused water star fruit regularly?

Make infused water star fruit is quite easy. You just need to prepare 150 grams of ripe and fresh star fruit and 500 ml of boiled water.

You wash and cut the star fruit and put it in a water bottle. You store starfruit infused water in the refrigerator for 4-5 hours.

After that, you can drink infused water star fruit.

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