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3 Benefits of Oatmeal Breakfast for Health and Beauty

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Breakfast is one of the most important meal times because it provides energy at the beginning of the day. There are many healthy breakfast options, from fruit, salads, sandwiches, or oatmeal.

If you choose oatmeal as a breakfast menu, enjoy its benefits from health to beauty. Quoting the Brightside page, here are the benefits of oatmeal when consumed every day, especially when breakfast:

  1. Increase muscle mass
    The protein, fat, and carbohydrates in oatmeal make this food ingredient good for the diet. The protein in oatmeal helps the process of building muscle, complex carbohydrates as an energy source, plus vitamin E for flexing muscles.

    Oatmeal. jollymom.com

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  2. Increase endurance
    Oatmeal contains a gas called Nitrogaxyde which helps improve blood circulation. Smooth blood circulation ensures that every nutrient and oxygen is absorbed to every part of the body. That way, the body’s resistance increases while preventing swelling, infection, and bleeding.
  3. Smoothes the skin
    Zinc or zinc in oatmeal can prevent eczema and dermatitis. There is also iron in oatmeal which speeds up wound healing.