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26 Benefits of Cassava for Beauty and Health

Bola.com, Jakarta – Cassava is a plant that is easily found in tropical climates, including Indonesia. Cassava is a plant that belongs to the tuber cluster.

Cassava often used as flour needed for kitchen purposes. Cassava flour can be purchased easily at grocery stores.

Cassava plants have leaves that can also be consumed. However, these leaves have a relatively low nutritional value compared to the roots. Cassava roots have a higher protein content than the leaves.

One hundred grams of cassava contains 160 times, 0.3 g fat, 0.087 mg thiamine, 0.048 ml riboflavin, 0.854 mg niacin, 0.088 mg vitamin B6, 0.27 mg iron, and 0.34 mg zinc.

Apart from being a staple substitute for rice, cassava has several benefits for beauty and health.

Following benefits of cassava for beauty and health, quoted from stylecraze, Tuesday (2/2/2021).