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12 Benefits of Mangroves for Humans, Not Just for Tourism


Forests can still be found when traveling in Jakarta, but the type is mangrove or mangrove forest. Mangrove or mangrove forest is one type of forest that is found in estuary areas with swampy and / or dense soil structures.

There are two mangrove forests or mangroves in Jakarta, namely the Jakarta Mangrove Forest, which is located on Jalan Pantai Indah Utara I, North Jakarta.

Second, the Angke Kapuk Nature Park. The location is on Jl Garden House No 4, Kamal Muara, District. Penjaringan, North Jakarta.

Mangrove species are dicots that live in brackish and seawater habitats. This plant is the result of cultivation activities or taken from nature.

The characteristics of mangrove plants are that they live in groups in large numbers, have large roots and have fruit.

Then what are the benefits of mangrove forests? Following mangrove forest benefits reported by the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) website:

1. Preventing Beach Erosion

Mangrove forests are one of the places that can guard the border between land and sea areas.

Coastal erosion will continue to erode the earth’s surface, threatening the human environment. Even serious conditions can become major natural disasters.

Mangrove forests are one of the most important means of saving the coastline from sea waters.

2. Becoming Soil Catalyst from Sea Water

Land can enter seawater continuously, because part of the land is in direct contact with sea water.

To prevent this, the ecological benefits of mangrove forests are a very clear source for protecting the land around the sea.

The soil will become a denser layer in the presence of mangrove trees, so this will save the soil from being eroded by sea water.

3. Fishery Habitat

The mangrove forest area is one of the most comfortable places for several types of living things and organisms. Several species such as shrimp, fish, and crab breed in mangrove areas.

While humans need some of these living things as a source of nutrients and food ingredients that are important for health.

4. Improving the Community Economy

Mangrove trees that are widely planted in mangrove forests can be harvested like other types of plants. The benefits of mangrove debt for humans are useful for processing into various decorative objects or crafts.

This effort is very important to improve the people’s economy and raise economic standards in the area.

5. Sources of Animal Feed

Mangroves, namely trees, can be used as an alternative to feed for livestock. Mangrove trees that have been crushed and ground into animal feed powder contain very good nutrients for the growth of livestock such as cows, goats, or poultry.

Nutrients such as minerals, protein, and calories will improve livestock development. In addition, mangrove trees also contain tannins and other natural ingredients.

6. Prevent Global Warming

Global warming is a serious threat to nature and humans. One way to prevent or reduce the impact of global warming is to develop mangrove forest areas.

Mangrove plants are one of the pillars of warming from marine waters. In addition, mangroves also play a role in overcoming flood problems in coastal areas.

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