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10 Benefits of Water that are Rarely Known, Not Just Releasing Thirst

1. Maximizing Physical Performance

Physical performance will be affected if hydration is not maintained. This is especially important if you are exercising intensely.

Athletes can lose 6-10 percent of their body fluids through sweating. This condition can cause changes in body temperature, decreased motivation, increased feelings of fatigue, and even more intense exercise, both physically and mentally.

Dehydration can be a real effect, even if you only lose two percent of body fluids. This is where the benefits of water come into play, namely to maximize physical performance.

Here are guidelines for preparing to lose body fluids during exercise:

  • Drink 400-600 ml of water 1-2 hours before starting to exercise to prepare for fluid loss.
  • Drink another 200-300 ml of water 15 minutes before starting exercise.
  • During exercise, drink 200 ml of water every 15 minutes to replace fluids lost during exercise.
  • If you’ve lost weight after exercising, replace every 0.5 kg you lose with 500-600 ml of water.

2. Has a major impact on energy levels and brain function

If hydration decreases, the brain can feel the effects because the brain is mostly water. For this reason, the benefits of drinking water are also related to brain function.

A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition states that 1.59 percent of loss of body fluids in young men can affect working memory and increase feelings of anxiety and fatigue.