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Waking Up Drinking Cold or Warm Water, Which Is Better?

com-Illustration of Drinking Water Photo: Shutterstock
In the book of healthy living activists, drink water after waking up or before breakfast is a must. This is because water is believed to help improve the health benefits of the body in the morning, including helping to lose weight.

Yes, several studies published in the journal collection PubMed found the link between weight loss and drinking water was due to effects thermogenic. The study shows thermogenesis that induced water has potency increases the body’s metabolic rate 24-30 percent in adults, and will last for an hour.

Not only that, drink water in the morning too claim Lots health benefits other. Such as re-hydrating the body after sleeping all night, increasing concentration, metabolism, to mental health.

Even so, these benefits can be obtained if you drink plain water at the right temperature. In that sense, some research results state that drinking cold water in the morning is better than warm. Vice versa.

So, which one is better, drinking cold or warm water?

Drinking ice water on a diet Photo: Pixabay
The answer, both are equally healthy for the body. Quoting Today, water has an overall benefit. Whether it is drunk cold or hot.

According to nutritionist and owner of Active Eating Advice, Leslie Bonci, drinking warm water in the morning might be soothing for people suffering from digestive problems. Drinking warm water has been trusted since the days of medicine Ayurverda. Its warmth able to calm the stomach in the morning.

However, until now there has been no definitive evidence that drinking warm water is actually better at treating digestive problems in the morning.

white water Photo: shutterstock

Meanwhile, Lindsay Malone, a registered dietitian at the Cleveland Clinic, revealed that a 2003 study found people who drank cold water had a 30 percent increase in metabolism. This means, he continued, that the body can burn an additional 100 calories each day if someone regularly drinks half a liter of cold water.

Yes, maybe these two things sound important, but in fact, you need to remember again that drinking water, regardless of temperature, will help increase the body’s metabolism, prevent overeating, and save the number of calories; than fizzy drinks or other sugary drinks.

So, there is nothing wrong with continuing to increase the amount of daily water consumption from now on. However, water will be an option healthy drink whenever and wherever you are.