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Try regularly eating onions every day, the results can make us all avoid this most feared disease - all pages

Try to regularly eat onions every day, the result is not playing games, you can avoid the most feared disease


Try to regularly eat onions every day, the result is not playing games, you can avoid the most feared disease

Try Eating Onions Routine Every Day, The Result Can Make Us All Avoid This Most Dreaded Disease

SajianSedap.com – Of course you are familiar with onions.

Yes, onions are one of the ingredients that are often used to add flavor to your cooking.

Not only used as a flavor enhancer, onions can also be processed into snacks, especially if it’s not onion rings.

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Onions are very often used for cooking.

However, did you know that onions can provide many benefits for the body?

Benefits of onions

Yes, in fact onions can provide many good benefits for the body.

Quoting the Kompas.com page, the onions that are often used are of two types, namely red onions and yellow onions.

Red onions have tubers and red skin.

Try to regularly eat onions every day, the result is not playing games, you can avoid the most feared disease


Try to regularly eat onions every day, the result is not playing games, you can avoid the most feared disease

Meanwhile, yellow onion bulbs are pale yellow and the skin is brown.

In Indonesia, yellow onions can be easily found in the market.

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Meanwhile, red onions are very rarely available.

Launching USDA Nutrient, here is the nutritional content of onions in 100 grams:

– Water 89.11 g
– Energy 40 kcal
– 1.1 g protein
– Fat 0.10 g
– Ash 0.35 g
– Carbohydrates 7.34 g
– 1.7 g of fiber
– Total sugar 4.24 g
– Calcium 23 mg
– Iron 0.21 mg
– Magnesium 10 mg
– Phosphorus 29 mg
– Potassium 146 mg
– Sodium 4 mg
– Zinc 0.17 mg

– Copper 0.039 mg
– Manganese 1.129 mg
– Fluorine 1.1 mg
– Selenium 0.15 mg
– Vitamin C 7.4 mg
– Vitamin B1 0.046 mg
– Vitamin B2 0.116 mg
– Vitamin B3 0.123 mg
– Vitamin B5 0.126 mg
– Vitamin B6 0.120 mg
– Folate 19 mcg
– Choline 6.1 mcg
– Vitamin E 0.02 mcg
– Vitamin K 0.4 mcg

Onions are superfoods that can do wonders when consumed on a daily basis.

Summarized by Grid.ID from the Bright Side page via Tribun Kaltim, here are the changes that will occur in the body if you diligently consume onions:

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1. Healthy bones

Several studies have found that eating onions can have a positive impact on bone density.

Eating onions every day for a month was reported to increase bone density by 5 percent compared to those who didn’t.

2. Lower cholesterol levels and maintain heart health

The high anti-inflammatory properties in onions can reduce bad cholesterol in the body.

The article continues after the video below.

Low cholesterol levels will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and in turn maintain a healthy heart.

3. Streamlining digestion

Onions are rich in fiber which speeds up digestion in the body.

In addition, it increases the production of ‘good bacteria’ in the intestines and makes the digestive process easier in the body.

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4. Reduce cell damage and increase antioxidants

Onions are home to 25 types of antioxidants that are good for our bodies.

Antioxidants not only keep us from certain diseases, but also prevent cell damage.

5. Healthy eyes and mouth

Onions can kill bad bacteria in the mouth and improve oral hygiene.

Its antimicrobial properties can also strengthen teeth.

They also contain ‘quercetin’, a substance that fights cataracts and maintains eye health.

6. Make sleep soundly

Research conducted by the University of Colorado shows that eating onions can improve sleep quality.

Because onions have fiber which can improve gut health and reduce stress.

7. Fight aging and improve skin

Rich in vitamins A, C, and E, onions can give your skin a perfect glow.

In addition, onions can also reduce acne.

According to research, applying gel extracted from onions to scars can lighten it.

This article has been published on Grid.id with the title, Routinely Eating Onions Every Day, Don’t Be Surprised to Feel These 7 Things in the Body!

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