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Tips for Healthy Living Resolution in 2021

Bisnis.com, JAKARTA – The beginning of the year is the right time to determine a new resolution. One of the definite resolutions is to want to live a healthier life.

To achieve this, FibreFirst has tips on how to achieve a healthy life resolution in 2021, see the tips below:

1. Determine the preferred sport

During a pandemic, the new normal is applied equally. From the new normal, a lot of people have started to like cycling, which indicates that people are aware of the importance of exercising to increase their immunity so they are not susceptible to viruses and diseases.

But sports are not only cycling, there are many other sports that have also adjusted to the new normal health protocol, such as zumba, yoga, swimming, and jogging. Determine the sport you like so that you can do it consistently and don’t feel heavy in doing it.

Just 30 minutes per day will provide maximum benefits for physical health. According to sports scientists, exercising for more than 30 minutes or for an hour in one day will actually make a person feel tired, the result is they will be lazy to exercise the next day.

2. Set a healthy diet

Adopting a healthy diet can help protect yourself from the various risks that arise from a bad diet. The most important thing in a healthy diet is eating time. Generally, a person eats three times a day, namely morning, afternoon and evening.

In the morning, have breakfast before nine o’clock because the body needs food after almost eight hours of being empty, so it must quickly refill it in order to regain energy for activities.

During the day, or at rest time, it is advisable not to eat too much because it will give you excessive drowsiness. This can be overcome by propping your stomach with a snack before lunch or in the afternoon.

As for the evening, try to eat no more than eight in the evening. Because, the body needs to be given time to digest the food that comes in before bed. Sleeping on a full stomach is of course not good for health.

3. Get used to daily detox

Detox is the term to remove toxins and food waste residue that settle from the body. Even though the body actually naturally detoxifies itself, sometimes there are so many toxins that the body gets tired easily and is susceptible to viruses or diseases.

Unconsciously, the junk food menu is often an option to eat every day. In fact, toxins and dirt settles in the digestive tract mainly due to junk food.

“Research shows that 70% of immune cells are found in digestion, with healthy digestion, the body’s immune system will be strong,” said Nourmatania, Scientific FibreFirst.

He said FibreFirst is made from natural ingredients such as Psyllium Husk which is high in fiber and helps control blood sugar and cholesterol, Inulin which increases the growth of good bacteria in the digestive system which increases immunity, Spirulina which protects the body from free radicals that cause chronic inflammation and cancer, as well as other ingredients that have health benefits and are good for the body.

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