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Take advantage of the 5 ingredients in this house to fertilize plants, here's how

Take advantage of the 5 ingredients in this house to fertilize plants, here’s how

Nakita.id – Plants also need to be treated in order to keep growing.

Therefore we need to take care of plants regularly.

Plants also have to be regularly watered and fertilized.

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But do you know, we can also take advantage of various ingredients in the kitchen at home as natural fertilizers for plants.

So here are some of them:

Banana peel

The potassium content in banana peels can help to fertilize plants.

It’s easy, bury the banana peel next to your plant.

After that, flush with water and wait for 24 hours.

This will make your plants thrive.

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Egg shell

Launch timesofindia, we can also use egg shells as plant fertilizer.

The method is also easy, crush the eggshell and spread it evenly around the plant.

This will solve a variety of problems that can plague the plant.

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Coffee grounds

Moms can use coffee as plant fertilizer.

Coffee grounds are preferred for growing plants such as roses and tomatoes.

After you brew the coffee, don’t throw the coffee grounds right away.

Try sprinkling coffee grounds into the pot or you can add additional water and water the plants.

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Green tea

Not only drunk, green tea also has benefits for plants at home.

Try using green tea bags for watering the plants.

Moms can make a solution with green tea and do this method regularly.

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Red onion and garlic skin

Apart from being used for cooking, onions and garlic skins can also be used to treat plants.

We can use onions and garlic peels as plant fertilizer.

The trick, soak the garlic skin in water. Then let stand for about 3-4 days.

After that filter the water and add more water.

Use this solution for watering plants at home.

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