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Skincare for oily skin, can use natural ingredients

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Owners of oily skin types often experience various types of skin problems, such as acne or blackheads. Of course this can interfere with your appearance and self-confidence. You can try skincare for oily skin to overcome this.

Natural oils are needed by the skin so that moisture is maintained. However, when oil is produced in excessive amounts, it can clog pores, causing skin problems on your face.

In order for skin problems to be resolved properly, try to wash your face twice a day. The Urban Guide (urbancompany.com) recommends a foaming or gel cleanser for you to use. Its function is so that excess dirt and oil can be removed properly.

The important thing you need to pay attention to is not to wash your face too often because it makes the skin dry. When the skin is dry, the oil glands will produce more oil, which can actually irritate the skin.

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Apart from using a suitable face wash, there are other skincare for oily skin that you should try. Some of them are scrubs, toners and face masks.


Not only is it useful for removing dead skin cells, using scrubs regularly also functions to prevent excess oil production and clean clogged pores. Try to use a gentle scrub at least once a week.


Quoting from The Urban Guide, a toner is a care product that can moisturize the skin well. You can use a toner after washing your face with soap. Not only overcoming oily faces, toner is also able to prevent the appearance of signs of aging.

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Face mask

Apart from bananas, strawberries can also be processed into masks as skincare for oily skin.

The next skincare for oily skin that you need to use regularly is a face mask. Even though there are many types of masks that are sold in the market, it doesn’t hurt to make your own masks from natural ingredients.

If you have an oily skin type and want to get rid of black spots and prevent signs of aging, try wearing a mask made from bananas. The trick, crush a banana and add two drops of lemon juice.

Stir the two ingredients into a paste then use on the face. After sitting for a while, rinse with warm water. Apart from bananas, other natural ingredients that you can use for masks are cucumber, strawberries, aloe vera, and so on.

Editor: Belladina Biananda