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Remove fatigue through reflexology, what are the other benefits?

Intisari-online.com – After a day of activities until the feet feel tired, it feels really good if we can lie on your back and have your feet massaged until your fatigue is gone.

There are some people who also deliberately walk barefoot on the beach or through rocks to get rid of fatigue.

This is actually the same as a massage.

So far, we have known the name reflexology, which in English is also called reflexology.

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This natural therapy has been around since 2500 BC in ancient Egypt, and has been practiced in various other places around the world, by ancient Indian tribes to Africa.

At the turn of the 19th century, reflexology was introduced to a modern day by ENT specialist Dr William Fitzgerald, and physiotherapist Eunice Ingham.

Not long after that the reflexology diagram was introduced to the wider community.

Reflexology is a type of holistic medicine that is simple, and safe to do.

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