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Put a piece of ginger on your chest before going to bed, feel it happening to your body when you wake up tomorrow morning

Put Ginger Pieces on Chest Before Bed, Feel This Happening to Your Body When You Wake Up Tomorrow Pagi

Nakita.id – Moms must be familiar with the benefits of ginger for the body.

Especially when ginger is brewed into traditional ingredients or herbs that can increase immunity.

In the midst of a pandemic like now, ginger is one of the most sought after spices.

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Not only as an immune booster, ginger also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

This makes ginger a spice that has healing properties.

However, not many people know how to use ginger so that it can get its extraordinary benefits.

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Most people will just boil ginger or take its juice and then drink it as a traditional medicine.

But who would have thought that the benefits of ginger could be obtained by using it as an external medicine.

Namely by placing ginger slices on the chest before bed.

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This is known as the ginger compress method which can have a warm and health effect on the body.

You can immediately put a few pieces of washed ginger on your chest before going to bed and inhale the aroma.

Or if you want to add benefits, you can also use a ginger compress like the following:

Prepare honey, ginger, olive oil, flour, gauze and adhesive.

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First, mix the flour with the mashed jehe and add a little honey and olive oil.

Mix well until it becomes a paste dough and flatten the dough.

Then wrap the dough in gauze and place it on the chest with adhesive.

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You will be able to get various benefits tomorrow morning if you compress your chest using ginger before going to bed tonight, including:

1. Relieves breathing

Some people often feel shortness due to allergies, cold air, or changes in weather during the transition season.

Ginger with its distinctive aroma and essential oils contained in it will help relieve breathing when you feel tight.

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2. Relieves coughs and colds

Even though it sounds trivial, coughs and colds can potentially be dangerous especially in the midst of a pandemic like now.

Putting potonhan ginger on the chest overnight can be a solution.

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3. Restores the ability of the sense of smell

One of the symptoms of being exposed to Covid-19 is the loss of the ability to smell and taste.

Ginger with a warm aroma can be used as a therapy to restore lost sense of smell.

There you have it, 3 benefits that you will feel tomorrow morning if you put a piece of ginger on your chest before going to sleep tonight.

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