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Prevent premature aging, here are 7 benefits of rose water for facial skin beauty

Rose water illustration. Photo: Pixabay

jpnn.com, JAKARTA – WATER roses are made by distilling rose petals and steam. Rose water is fragrant, and is sometimes used as a mild natural fragrance in place of perfumes that contain chemicals.

Rose water has been used traditionally in beauty products and food and beverage products.

Here are some of the benefits of rose water for facial skin beauty, as reported by the Genpi.co page.

1. Helps get rid of dandruff

Rose water is known as a treatment for scalp inflammation and to get rid of dandruff on hair.

Rose water can be used as a natural conditioner that provides nutrients for hair growth.

2. Natural facial toner

Rose water is often used as a toner or facial cleanser which can provide a refreshing effect on facial skin.