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Prevent Cholesterol to Cancer, Here are 11 Extraordinary Benefits of Kencur

PROBOLINGGO PORTAL – Kencur is a plant that has root stems embedded in the soil, such as ginger and galangal.

Kencur is generally used as a spice for cooking, but kencur also functions as a medicinal herb that has health benefits.

Not only does it have a distinctive and delicious taste. Eating kencur regularly can provide many health benefits, because it has many good ingredients for the body.

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Reported PROBOLINGGO PORTAL from various sources, here are 11 health benefits of kencur:

1. Anti-inflammatory to fight inflammation

Inflammation of internal organs can lead to various chronic diseases such as arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, and others.

Inflammation can occur due to a viral or bacterial infection that triggers an active immune system. In certain doses kencur has anti-inflammatory effects including preventing inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis, skin inflammation, and preventing intestinal disease.