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Pagoda Vegetable, Beautiful Plants with Many Health Benefits

SEMARANG, RadarBangsa.co.id – Pagoda plant, also known as takecai, is a type of mustard vegetable.

Its round shape with stacked leaves causes it to be called a pagoda. This vegetable is known to contain quite a lot of compounds, such as alkaloids, potassium, iodine, and tanning substances.

In addition, pagoda mustard is also rich in vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K, folic acid, and glucosinolic acid. The content of these compounds causes pagoda mustard to be useful in overcoming various diseases, one of which is goiter.

The reason is that takecai contains iodine which can cure goiter. That is why this plant can be an alternative medicine for people with goiter.

Sawi pagoda can also be an alternative treatment for tuberculosis (TB).

The compounds contained in the mustard greens are believed to be able to neutralize anti-inflammatory effects which are not good for the lungs. These benefits are found in many parts of the mustard greens of the pagoda.

For women, mustard pagoda is also a medicine for vaginal discharge. Because this beautiful plant contains anti-bacterial properties that can kill bad bacteria and cleanse the vital area of ​​women.

Sawi pagoda can also help sufferers of sleep disorders or insomnia and pagoda is known to provide a feeling of comfort and coldness that makes the body relax.

This is believed to make sleep easier and more soundly. The trick, take a taste of the pagoda vegetable, mash it until it is smooth and into a powder, brew it with warm water and drink it at night before going to bed.

Sawi pagoda can also be used as a medicine for sufferers of hermonoid diseases, such as hemorrhoids. Because the pagoda mustard has anti-inflammatory properties that can treat hemorrhoids.

The trick is to take mustard greens, wash it clean, turn it into a stir fry and use it as a food side dish. You can also add other ingredients as a flavor enhancer.

Sawi pagoda can also be turned into juice and included as a daily drink menu, can be made mustard pagoda juice is believed to improve health and fitness.

(RadarBangsa Central Java – DIY)