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Morning Exercise for Elementary School Children While Learning from Home

The increasing number of positive cases of Covid-19 in 2021 has prompted the government to again extend teaching and learning activities from home. This is to maintain the safety and comfort of students and teachers.

Even though distance learning activities (PJJ) are being extended again, children must remain enthusiastic and focused on completing school. One way to keep children excited and focused is to get them to do light exercise.

Before starting their study hours from home, you can encourage your child to do some light exercise to increase the child’s fitness during their activities and improve their academic ability.

It doesn’t take long, just about 10-15 minutes, Ma!

So, what sports are suitable for children to do in the morning before starting online school?

Come on, see the review of 5 morning sports for elementary school children who have Popmama.com summarize below.

1. Yoga

1. Yoga


Not only adults can do yoga, kids can do it too, Ma. Mama can do this activity with children from home.

This one sport is known as a sport that is light and easy to do anywhere. In addition, yoga is also very rich in health benefits, one of which is good for increasing focus. Especially for elementary school children who have to stay focused even though they only learn from home.

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2. Jump

2. Jump


To build muscle strength, train fitness, and maintain memory, jumping can be one of the right choices, Ma.

Besides being sufficient to do it at home, this one activity also has various types that children can do in turn. There are the following types of jumps:

  • Tuck jumps: Bend your knees and raise your high heels while jumping.
  • Jumping jacks: Extend your arms and legs to the sides like a starfish while jumping, then bring your arms back to the sides and legs to the center as you land down.
  • Criss-cross feet: Jump straight up, then cross one leg in front of the other. At the next jump, have the child change the other leg.
  • One leg jump: As the name implies, ask the child to jump on one leg alternately, Mom!
  • Hurdle hops: Jumping from side to side or from front to back with the pretend there is an obstacle to raise his spirits.

In addition to the types above, Mama can also provide children skipping which he can use as an alternative to this jumping sport.

3. On foot

3. On foot

Pixabay / Vnukko

Walking has become a sport that is widely practiced during this pandemic. Besides being easy to do, this sport also has a myriad of health benefits. Like toning muscles, and train focus.

So, before the child starts learning online, let’s ask him or her to take a morning walk for about 10 minutes. This one sport can be done around the house and still adhere to the 3M protocol, Ma!

4. Squats and lunges

4. Squat lunges


This simple exercise is useful in building children’s leg strength to provide a good foundation when children do all kinds of sports and other fitness activities.

The method is quite easy, Ma. Encourage the child to bend his body slightly then place both hands parallel to the front. Do this several times up to 5 to 10 minutes before the child starts learning from home.

5. Sit-ups and push-ups

5. Push-up sit-ups


Not only done by adults, children can also do sit-ups and push-ups to strengthen the upper body and core muscles in the stomach and back.

When the child’s body is actively moving, he will be more enthusiastic and feel easier to focus during learning activities.

The trick is, invite the child to lie down on the mat, Mama can hold the child’s legs to hold it when he raises his body.

So, those are 5 types of mild exercise that can be done at home before your child starts learning online. Just 5 to 10 minutes, after which the body is ready to start the lessons being taught.

In addition to morning exercise for elementary school children above, don’t forget to give your little one a nutritious breakfast that is sufficient to help him improve his cognitive brain. Good luck, Mama!

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