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Know the various benefits of skin fasting

Just like your body, your skin sometimes needs to do fasting or skin fasting to keep it healthy. Then, what exactly skin fasting for skin and how to apply it? Come on, find out from the information below.

As the name suggests skin fasting is a skin fast that is done by stopping the use of skincare or a series of skin care products for a while, specifically stopping using skin care products that do contain chemicals. Generally skin fasting can be done one week to one month, depending on the skin condition of each person.

Skin fasting originally popularized by a Japanese skin care company, Mirai clinical. Basically mirai clinical believes that skin fasting performed as one of the traditional skin healing methods. In short this Japanese skin care company also believes that doing skin fasting means the same as doing a natural skin detox.

Various Benefits of Skin Fasting for Skin

Skin fasting itself is one of the facial care trends that many people recently started to do. Skin fasting started to be popular precisely in 2019 ago.

Several benefits skin fasting what a pity to miss, namely:

1. Makes the skin regenerate its skin naturally

Routine using skincare indirectly means pampering the skin and preventing the skin from performing its natural regeneration function. For example, by using a moisturizer, you indirectly give a signal to the skin that it does not need to remove natural oils that are already in the skin.

Another example, suppose you use a product to exfoliate your skin like AHA or BHA, then you send a signal to your skin not to need to remove dead skin cells and regenerate your skin naturally. Skin fasting it also means allowing the skin to ‘research’ itself on the functions of the skin which has been exposed to many chemicals and to restore its natural functions.

2. Prevent skin irritation

For RoomMies who have sensitive skin and are easily irritated. Skin fasting can be the right choice. This is because skin fasting useful for reducing the risk of skin irritation. Why? Because when doing skin fasting, RoomMies will reduce the use of skin care that contains chemicals.

Sometimes, without realizing it, the chemicals in skincare can irritate the skin, especially for RoomMies who have sensitive skin.

3. Restores nutrients and good bacteria in the body

Another benefit from skin fasting which is a pity to miss is to restore good nutrition and bacteria in the body. Not all bacteria in the skin are bad, there are also good bacteria that can be useful to kill bad bacteria in the skin naturally.

Good bacteria are also useful for killing germs that cause acne. Well, unfortunately when you use skin care excessively, the good bacteria in your skin can actually die.

How to Apply Skin Fasting

Skin fasting This does not mean that RoomMies does not use any skin care products, including face wash. Because there are still some skin care products that must be used every day to maintain the health of facial skin, for example, facial soap and sunscreen.

Skin fasting also cannot be done suddenly by stopping all use of skin care simultaneously. Skin fasting can be better done in stages. For example, by reducing skin care products at night, which are usually 10 to 5. Then over time, RoomMies can reduce it back gradually. To the point of really not using any skin care.

However, if after a few days of doing skin fasting Then the skin feels drier or even pimples arise, so don’t hesitate to stop skin fasting. Because the skin feels dry or at night there are pimples, this means that RoomMies skin is not suitable for skin fasting.

Although skin fasting has many benefits for the skin, does not mean skin fasting safe to apply by all skin types yes. Because again, everyone’s skin condition is different. So, don’t force skin fasting if it’s true skin fasting not suitable to be applied on your skin huh.