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Junk Food, Is It Allowed for Pregnant Women? Here's the explanation

LEFT CIRCLE – Like many others, go through pregnancy with a big plan to eat a balanced diet that nourishes both yourself and the baby. Usually healthy eaters, so some expectant mothers think consuming some extra organic produce and healthy food will be easy enough. Three months later, however, it is safe to pursue a healthy diet, reaching the six week mark and food aversion appears.

Usually pregnant women also suffer from fairly intense nausea and regular vomiting, and once, but still experience food aversion that makes it impossible for pregnant women to ingest anything but refined carbohydrates during the first 12 weeks.

It is no exaggeration to say that a pregnant woman’s diet consists of large amounts of saltine crackers, cheese and chocolate until the healthier options get a little more palatable as the second trimester approaches.

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Although sometimes pregnant women feel happy when enjoying junk food, after consuming it, they must feel very guilty. Because they are very aware that eating junk food without balancing it with healthier foods is not good for themselves or the baby in pregnant women.

But the desire to always eat junk food and reluctance to eat anything green. So, changing a healthy diet for pregnant women, can learn what the experts say about this phenomenon.

Why is junk food a common early pregnancy craving?

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As it turns out, cravings for junk food early in pregnancy are a relatively common experience. However, Emily Jacobs, MD, a fourth-year ob-gyn resident at the University of Iowa, shares that a detailed scientific explanation is lacking. “I remember when I was pregnant with my second child, all I wanted to eat was shaved ice and pickles,” said Dr. Jacobs.