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Judging by the 5 Benefits of Bio Oil for Skin Beauty Care, It is Effective to Disguise Stretch Marks

Finally, the benefits of bio oil for beauty care are the fifth that it can hydrate the skin. Rarely realized by most people, the skin can also become dehydrated. Hot weather is one of the causes of skin dehydration. Not only that, the longer the skin is exposed to sunlight, the water content in the skin will also evaporate. In fact, bathing can help moisturize the skin again.

However, soap also has an astrigent effect which removes the natural oil layer. Instead of moisturizing, it actually makes the skin appear drier. To fix this, you can rely on bio oil. Yes, bio oil can help restore natural oils to the skin. So, the skin will stay hydrated and won’t look dull.

How to use it is quite easy. Put bio oil on the palms of your hands. Apply it evenly to dehydrated or dry skin. For maximum results, do it twice a day on a regular basis.