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From Lowering Cholesterol to Having Anticancer Properties, These Are The Benefits Of Turmeric For The Body

FIX INDONESIA – Herbal medicine is now starting to be seen as an alternative medicine, the benefits of natural plants are proven to not provide side effects like chemical drugs.

Including turmeric, the root which has a characteristic yellow flesh is usually used as a complement to cooking spices, but besides that, turmeric is rich in benefits.

Did you know that turmeric has benefits in the healing process of several deadly diseases such as cancer, irritable colon (IBS), to ward off free radicals.

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Quoted by Pikiran-Rakyat.com from The Healthy page, here are 5 benefits of turmeric for the body based on the results of research by experts.

1. Turmeric may have anticancer properties

Early research conducted on animals suggests that there may be a link between curcumin’s calming action and cancer.

“Curcumin is thought to have antioxidant properties which means it can reduce swelling and inflammation,” says Patricia Bannan, a dietitian, nutritionist, and health food expert in Los Angeles.

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