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Floor Gymnastics Movement, These 5 Benefits of Doing It!

Floor gymnastics movement illustration source: Speed ​​up Com
Movement gymnastics is one of the easy and cost-effective sports because it can be done at home. Floor exercise can be done anywhere and anytime as you wish. The methods are very diverse and have relatively easy movements, even if you are a beginner.
Starting from the wax stance, the love attitude, the forward roll, the backward roll, and so on. You can do one movement and hold it for a few minutes. In fact, doing floor exercises on a regular basis can provide you with benefits. I already know what it is benefits of this sport?

Benefits of Floor Gymnastics Movement to Increase Flexibility

The first benefit that you can get if you do floor exercises regularly is to increase flexibility. Some of the movements make the muscles in the body tighter than other types of sports. Before doing floor exercises, you can stretch and warm up so that the muscles are not stiff.

Who would have thought, doing floor exercises regularly can provide benefits for your bones. If you do floor exercises regularly, then you don’t need to be afraid of getting injured. This is because the bone muscles will increase in strength if they are often trained. In fact, floor exercise has the benefit of reducing the risk of injury.

Source of illustration: Sportsapedia
If you are one of the people who often experience depression, then floor exercise can be a solution. Several studies have shown that floor exercises can reduce feeling depression. This is due to the increase in endorphins or happy hormones when doing floor exercises.

Have Body Resistance

Another advantage or benefit that you can get by doing floor exercises is having a strong immune system. By doing floor exercises three to five times can build endurance. In addition, doing floor exercises can also improve your posture.

Improve Balance and Lose Weight

Not only increases immunity, but floor exercises can also improve balance in the body. Weight will also decrease by regularly doing floor exercises. This is because a lot of calories will be burned through this exercise. So, do you want to try floor exercises to get a quality body? (ANG)