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Explanation of Upper Bracket M2 in Mobile Legends

The connoisseurs of the new pro scene are definitely a bit confused. Regarding the playoff format that uses the upper and lower brackets. Now, maybe we need to give an explanation on the M2 Mobile Legends upper bracket.

The upper and low bracket formats often appear during the playoffs. The reason is because of elimination from either the group or the league, a well-performing team will benefit. So we will also explain the benefits.

So it’s important for you to understand first about the upper bracket. Usually, the teams are aiming for this upper bracket to get an edge in the playoffs later.

But it is not uncommon for those who avoid the upper bracket because this place is filled with strong teams. So in some cases, intentionally going down is better than the above.

For those of you who are curious about the explanation of the M2 Mobile Legends upper bracket, please check below. We will try to explain it for those of you who are still confused about this upper bracket.

Explanation of Upper Bracket M2 in Mobile Legends

rrq hoshi m2

In the group stage, you know where there are many teams that have been divided, where will they go? Those who win will go straight to upperbracket. Those who lose will go down to the lower bracket.

In the upper bracket, the place is limited. In M2 this time there were four teams that moved up to the upper bracket, namely BG, RRQ, Bren, and Omega. So they have the advantage of playing in the upper bracket.

Upper Bracket advantage

Now in the upper bracket, the advantages are quite important. In the upper bracket they will have two chances. What this means is that they can lose and play again.

Unlike the lower bracket, if you lose, you will be eliminated, not in the upper bracket. Therefore, many teams will seriously aim for the upper bracket in M2 this time.

Even in other tournaments there may be different rules. For example in several other gaming tournaments upperbracket has another advantage in the final. They usually get one point first, usually in BO7 games.

That’s the explanation of the M2 Mobile Legends upper bracket. For those of you who are still confused, this is actually easy. The point is they are at the top, if they lose then they fall. They still have another chance before losing again.

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