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Do not waste it, 5 benefits of glass bottles to beautify your home

The jar is one of the important components that must be in the kitchen. Without it, the kitchen will not be neatly organized. The types of jars also vary, but the one most often used is made of glass.

The glass material in the jar is considered capable of maintaining the aroma and preservation of a food. Glass jars are also considered to have high aesthetic value compared to other materials.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who don’t make good use of glass jars. In fact, glass jars are not only used as storage containers, you know. Let you be inspired, check out other benefits through the following reviews, yes!

1. Used for flower vases

Don't waste it, these are 5 benefits of glass bottles to beautify your homejasvic.com

The clear glass jar makes it a very suitable flower vase. Fill it with water first so that the flowers stay fresh and last longer. You can also add rocks or crystal stones in it. Guaranteed, the results are more alive.

If you don’t want something that looks plain, you can create it with a ribbon, you know. Wrap it around the mouth of the jar, then glue it in place. Well, you can display this vase on the living room table or in the corner of your room.

2. Beautify the room with a terrarium

Don't waste it, these are 5 benefits of glass bottles to beautify your homebhg.com

For those who have never heard of, terrarium is a plant grown in a glass container, like this jar. That way, you don’t need to buy more pots to plant. However, of course the plant size will be much smaller.

The materials needed are very easy to get, such as soil, fertilizer, and small plants. Place the jar of this plant on the edge of the window. Guaranteed to look even more aesthetic!

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3. Use as a candle holder

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Editor’s picks

Don't waste it, these are 5 benefits of glass bottles to beautify your homeunsplash.com/rebeccapeterson-hall

Are you an aromatherapy candle lover? Well, this glass jar is really fitting for you to make the container. Besides the fire won’t be easily extinguished, this glass jar won’t melt even if it’s been exposed to the fire for too long.

Candlelight will even look prettier, especially if your glass jar is colorful. Keep in mind, make sure the jar is taller than the wax. That way, the fire won’t be put out easily by the wind.

4. It could be a container pudding in jar

Don't waste it, these are 5 benefits of glass bottles to beautify your homepopsugar.com

In addition to storing pastries, you can also make glass jars for wet food such as pudding, you know. Pudding in jar or the pudding in this jar is indeed on the rise because of its unique appearance.

What’s more, you can put the hot pudding mixture in the jar right away. With its clear color, you can make the pudding mixture as beautiful as possible. Even when stored in the refrigerator, glass jars are also safe.

5. Turn the jar into a piggy bank

Don't waste it, these are 5 benefits of glass bottles to beautify your homeunsplash.com/melissawalkerhorn

You can turn unused glass jars into a piggy bank, you know. Instead of buying outside, just take advantage of this glass jar.

You can coat the outside with paint so that the money inside is not visible. Also glue the lid on. That way, you won’t be tempted to open it and take it.

Those are some of the benefits of glass jars apart from storing pastries and kitchen ingredients. Apparently, glass bottles can also be used as room decorations, right? Come on, let’s make the glass jar at home into one of the items above!

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