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Difference of Purpose and Purpose, Know the Benefits and Examples

Difference of Purpose and Purpose, Know the Benefits and ExamplesPresentation illustration. © Shutterstock.com/Andresr

Merdeka.com – The difference between intent and purpose is often unknown to most people. When said briefly, the two seem to be synonyms which can be used interchangeably and have the same meaning. In fact, when reviewed with interpretation, there are several differences in meaning between the aims and objectives that not many people know so far.

Even though it seems to have the same meaning, the word meaning is not necessarily referred to as a goal. Vice versa, goals can not be interpreted as intent. However, the difference between the two lies in the explanation alone. The real meaning is broader and more general, when written in shorter. While goals in the real sense are shorter and more specific, when they are written longer.

To make it easier, the following Merdeka.com summarizes the different aims and objectives that need to be understood, quoted from page coverage6 and various sources:

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